Percussion in Chamber Music

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Gristle (2017) – alto sax, electric guitar, piano, and drum set

Cerulean Graminoid (2016) – two violas and percussion

A View of the Badlands (2015) – cello, percussion, and electronics

Dunbar’s Last Psalm (2015) – cello and percussion

Nonsensical Outros (2014) – flute and percussion

Shards of Bone – version with electric guitar (2014) / version with harp (2015)

Meditation No. 2 (2013) – solo percussion (with speaking) or separate percussion & speaker

Sonatina for Alto Sax and Marimba (2013)

Flying Squirrels Will Have Their Day (2013) – flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion

The Lord’s Prayer (2011) – four percussion, advanced choir (with soloists), and beginning choir