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Live Recordings:

  • Stereo recording of acoustic and electroacoustic music
  • Price:  $100 per hour
  • At times, three or more microphones will be used instead of two, but only two are guaranteed

Live Video and Audio:

  • Video:  Fixed, one angle shot
  • Audio:  Stereo recording of acoustic and electroacoustic music
  • Price:  $180 per hour

Live Streaming

  • Additional $20 per hour

Studio Recordings:

  • Recording Price:  $100 per hour
  • Editing fees:  $20 per hour
  • Studio Recording with Video:  $180 per hour (Fixed, one angle shot)

Milage Costs (from Frostburg, MD)

  • Driving 1 to 49 miles (one-way) is free
  • 50 to 99 miles (one-way) costs $1.00 a mile
  • 100 to 149 miles (one-way) costs $1.25 a mile
  • 150 to 199 miles (one-way) costs $1.50 a mile
  • 200 to 249 miles (one-way) costs $1.75 a mile
  • 250 to 299 miles (one-way) costs $2.00 a mile
  • Over 300…let’s talk!

Equipment Used:

  • Stereo Rode NT5 microphones (mics are placed front and center in the recording space on a tall stand – special placement requests may require a labor fee)
  • At times, a stereo pair of Rode NT1-A microphones will be used as well
  • Also available is an AKG C414
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface
  • Art S8 Splitter
  • ProTools
  • MacBook Pro
  • Zoom H6 recorder (back up)
  • Canon Vixia HF R600


  • All recorded material becomes the property of the composer and/or performer(s) after payment.
  • LaMont Music Recording is not responsible for copyrights relating to recorded materials not created by the customer.
  • Back up recordings from the Zoom recorder are kept only until the edited music from ProTools has been delivered to the customer.  The Zoom recordings will be given to the customer only at prior request.
  • ProTools files will be kept at least 6 months following delivery.
  • The customer agrees to allow LaMont Music Recording to use recorded material as advertisement for the company.  Upon request, material can be withdrawn from use.  All material will be credited to the composer and/or performer(s).
  • Payment should be delivered before the delivery of recordings.  Samples of audio and video will be sent to confirm before payment.